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    Forum Code of Conduct

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:33 pm

    While we like to believe that the majority of our members are mature and self-guiding, there are unfortunately occasional incidents when it helps to have a written set of guidelines for what is acceptable behavior or subject matter for discussion.

    It is very important to note that certain subjects center upon items with legality issues that we would rather avoid completely. For example, modifying a firearm for fully automatic fire is illegal. Therefore discussing how to do that or providing links to places where a person could find information on doing so is forbidden here. Part of responsible firearms ownership is observing all local, State and Federal laws that pertain to firearms. All of our members are expected to do so when communicating on our forum.

    Really these things all boil down to common sense, and while we hate to insult your intelligence, we do ask that you read the Code of Conduct and familiarize yourself with it.

    As they say... ignorance of the "law" is no excuse.


    1) Keep your language clean:

    Using foul language or posting lewd or otherwise inappropriate materials simply is not necessary to have a good time and will not be tolerated. What we consider to be lewd or inappropriate are the same things that the major broadcast television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) do. This not only means no cussing but also means no dirty pictures, sexual innuendo, etc.

    2) Maintain good fellowship:

    Members should treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves. Name calling, flame posts, racial slurs, and other insulting remarks meant to cause conflict will not be tolerated. You should always try to maintain good fellowship with the other members of this community and be respectful to your fellow shooting enthusiasts whether they are new shooters or seasoned veterans. If you have a problem with another member or a vendor, you are instructed to take it off-line. If a problem cannot be resolved satisfactorily in this way, you may contact the forum Staff and request assistance. If a problem between members manifests publicly, the Staff will intervene in the way most beneficial to the forum community.

    3) Don't crap on other people's threads:

    Thread crapping, by definition, is when someone posts off-topic remarks or otherwise steers an existing thread of conversation off onto a tangent unintended by the thread's original poster. Sometimes the perception of "thread crapping" is subjective to the opinion of the original poster or of a Moderator. Other times it is more obvious. Regardless, thread crapping is strongly frowned upon and may result in Moderator intervention or disciplinary action.

    4) Do not discuss illegal activities:

    Illegal activities should never be discussed here. This includes but is not limited to discussion of ways to circumvent laws or regulations.
    Obviously a web community centered upon firearms ownership will have members from various local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies let alone be monitored by those same agencies. Don’t put them in a position to have to do something professionally about something stupid that you did or are going to do.

    5) Observe all laws:

    Part of responsible firearms ownership is observing all local, State and Federal laws that pertain to firearms. All of our members are expected to do so when communicating on our forum. For example, certain things should never be discussed. Things like how to convert a semi-automatic firearm to full-automatic, or how to build a bomb, how to circumvent proper transfer and registration of a firearm, etc. If you are in doubt of what is legal in a given situation, always ask before you commit or post!

    6) No unauthorized soliciting or Commercial advertising:

    Advertising opportunities are available to persons or companies wishing to market their goods or services to forum members. If you are interested in taking advantage of that while helping support this community, contact us and let us know. Unapproved commercial advertising should never be posted by members of our Community. This means that unless you have sought authorization from the forum Staff to post a commercial advertisement for goods or services, you may not use advertising language in posts made to the forums.

    7) Use of the Buy-Sell-Trade forum:

    The Buy-Sell-Trade forums are our online equivalent of the Classified Ads pages of your local newspaper. By using the Buy-Sell-Trade forums to buy or sell merchandise, you understand that you assume the burden of following all local, State and Federal laws pertaining to the transaction. This site, it's staff and owners cannot be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by the result of any transaction made between buyer and seller.

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