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    How To Post Pictures



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    How To Post Pictures

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:36 pm

    This forum software does not allow the direct uploading of pictures. You must first upload your pictures to an online service like Photobucket ( These sites are usually free. After you have uploaded your pictures to your site, you will use the "img tags" to display the image in your post. To do so, copy the "img tag" from the online site and paste it directly into your post. When you complete your post, the image will be displayed.

    One issue to be aware of when linking to images online: Some sites (Angelfire is one that comes to mind) do not allow you to link directly to an image stored on a personal web space on their server. It's called "remote loading" and it will usually be mentioned in their TOS (terms of service) if it is not allowed.

    Photobucket works very well, and is free of charge.

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