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    Notes of interest

    Post  MarkEagle on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:11 pm

    Hi all,

    I have a few items to go over with everyone as we all shiver here in NE Tennessee.

    First, I need a volunteer(s) for the January match on Jan 23rd. If you can set up a few or all stages please let me know and you can shoot free on that match.

    Second, I have confirmed the upcoming Safety Officer training class to be held at Kettlefoot on February 13, starting at 8:00am. Paul Bowling from Personal Protection Training will be here to teach the new SOs the rules, and bring the existing SOs to the current plans for IDPA. So, I strongly recommend attending this meeting if you are interested in working on our upcoming state match in June.

    From Paul ---

    “I think we can begin around 8:00 AM and finish the class room part around 12:00 to 12:30, take a QUICK lunch and do the range stuff in the afternoon. Basically, the range time will be the classifier. Half the class will be the SO while the other half shoots then we’ll reverse it. Everyone will get to shoot a classifier and have an opportunity to SO.
    Is there quick food around the area or should everyone bring food with them?
    Joe Paige, our area coordinator, has told me he may be there as well.

    The link to register is: Note no www.”

    Please go to the web page and register and pay the $25 registration fee which covers handouts and various materials, and the classifier that afternoon. I plan to pick up several pizzas and we will have drinks on hand, so we can grab a slice of pizza and head up to the ranges at lunch. You get a free match pass for one regular monthly match at completion of the class.

    Next, Larry Bennett will need some help wiring in the new picnic shelter once the deep freeze passes. If you can help him on that project please contact him at We need to get it finished by the June match.

    Please sign up for the Google match mailing list. I was planning on using it to alert everyone in the area for our upcoming matches and any special problems or announcements. I would like to extend the list to our “Big Brother” club in Greeneville, TAC2. If you want to comment on IDPA, IPSC or other items of interest, of just BS, please feel free to post on the Kettlefoot forum at If you want to add your name or update your email address then go to Google groups at and sign up there.

    Thanks to all!
    Mark Riehl

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