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    Bad condition Ruger 10/22


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    Bad condition Ruger 10/22

    Post  mcritel on Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:52 pm

    I have just been given a Ruger 10/22. Given is a lose term. Really it was mine that my parents lost track of and now it has returned to me. The gun has seen better days. The barrel is pimpled with rust, the receiver's black enamel (I think) is coming off and looks like the last time someone shot it, they left it in as shot condition.

    I know I could take blue and rust remover to the barrel, but have never seen a gun peel on the receiver like this.

    So anyone know of a gunsmith that could conquer and refirb this gun. I have a little sentiment for it as this is the first gun I used to kill many of the small game I took as a teenager.

    Thanks for the leads!


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