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    Full Auto Firearms Trial Period



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    Full Auto Firearms Trial Period

    Post  Lynne on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:07 am

    Trial Period to Allow Full Automatic Firearms at Kettlefoot

    Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club will conduct a trial program to allow the use of full automatic firearms. The trial period is from March 2012 through June 2012.

    (a) These firearms may be used on the Main Rifle Range the 2nd and 4th Saturdays only of each month from 1:00pm until dusk; and

    (b) These firearms may be used at the Auxiliary Bays anytime during day light hours of the trial period.


    1. All firearms usage will be conducted in a safe manner for the shooter as well as other shooters on the range. This includes exercising all necessary safety procedures to limit muzzle rise.
    2. It is mandatory that an adult, at least 21 years of age, maintain firearm control at all times.
    3. Shooters will extend common courtesy to fellow shooters and limit extraordinary distractions by limiting large amounts of automatic fire in order to allow bench rest shooters adequate time for slow fire shooting.
    4. Club property will be respected and attention given to minimizing damage to the range - such as causing excessive ruts and destruction of target backer board supports.
    5. When using a steel reactive target (on the main rifle range only), the shooter will limit use to 100 yards or greater with rifle calibers and 50 yards or greater with pistol calibers.
    6. All automatic firearms will be legally owned by the individual member. **

    **With regard to ensuring that all automatic and NFA firearms are legally owned, the club retains the right to review all pertinent ATF forms (Form 4 and/or SOTs).

    **It is also recommended that all NFA firearms be covered by ATF Form # 5320.20 indicating the club name and physical street address (Kettlefoot Rod & Gun Club, 21101 Kettlefoot Lane, Bristol, VA 24201). CLARIFICATION: THIS FORM IS NECESSARY ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT A VIRGINIA RESIDENT. IT IS USED FOR THE TRANSPORT OF THE FIREARM ACROSS STATE LINES.

    Any shooter with an NFA firearm without documentation will be asked to remove the firearm from the club premises immediately.

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