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    Post  Lynne on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:23 pm

    Give a friend or family member a Kettlefoot membership or pay someone's dues.  This makes great Christmas gifts.  Payment in December gives the new member 15 months for the price of 12.   Also, you can invest in Kettlefoot's future by purchasing stock.  We have some shares available for sale.   Contact Wayne at for details or to make a purchase.

    Tennessee residents who bring their full auto firearm to the club - - remember to have your ATF Form #5320.20 with you.  This is mandatory when you cross the state line.

    New Covered Plinking Range:  Located across the road from the club house and just below the warehouse.  This range can be used for practice with any small bore firearms.    Please do not use 30.06, 50 BMG, full auto. etc... on this range.
    ** Please pick up your brass/hulls on the range.  This is standard range etiquette.  We would
        appreciate everyone taking pride in the appearance of our ranges and the facility in
    ** Also, be courteous to other shooters with regard to going down range to check your
    ** Be mindful of ricochet at the plinking ranges.
    ** Do not lean your steel targets against the wooden backer frames.

    Our Range Officers report that with very few exceptions, members are signing in their guests and picking up a Guest Tag.  We appreciate you following the rules.  This is necessary in accordance with our Liability Insurance and to protect the member, the guest, and the club.

    Please note that we are surrounded by hills and mountains.  We can only do so much to maintain the roads.  As money is available, we do what we can with gravel and putting in drainage.  

    Email Address:  E-mails have been sent to a number of members for a variety of reasons and no reply is received.  If you do not check your e-mail on a regular basis, suggest you contact the club Secretary, Lynne at 276-645-0562.  All future correspondence will then be sent to you by regular mail.

    As always, we need volunteers to help with several of the disciplines and some of the club maintenance duties.  Our current regular volunteers are getting up in age and if we don't get some younger, reliable help, we will have to hire people - which would likely require a dues increase.  We are also looking for a couple of people who might be interested in being groomed for the position of club president when Wayne steps down.  You can contact Wayne at to express your interest and to learn more.


    TROPHY SHOOT:  1st Saturday of each month  (trap/skeet, meal included)

    USPSA:  3rd Saturday of each month

    IDPA:  4th Saturday of each month

    ATA:  4th Saturday of each month and after Trophy Shoot on 1st Saturday

    BIG 50:  Thursdays – registration and start times vary - - check website for details

    300 TARGET/REGISTERED SKEET:  March 31,  June 30,  and  September 29  
      - - - 12 gauge, 20 gauge and Doubles

    5 STAND:  Every Tuesday  (March through October)

    IR 50/50:  April thru September

    ARA:   April thru September

    INDOOR .22 RIMFIRE RIFLE:  Thursdays year round, start time usually between 5-6pm.

    MONEY MATCHES for ARA and IR 50/50:  A few matches will be scheduled on the 2nd Saturday - - schedule to be announced at a later date.  

    All activities are on the calendar at the main club house and on the website calendar (

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