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    March 28th IDPA Pistol Match Stage Poll and Discussion



    Which stages did you like?

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    March 28th IDPA Pistol Match Stage Poll and Discussion

    Post  Sabadoctor on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:48 pm

    Please let us know which stages you liked and how we could change or improve them.

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

    Stage 5

    Stage 6
    B Powers

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    Post  B Powers on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:54 pm

    I liked both the car stage (5) and the stage with the pepper poppers (6). I hope we use more steel in the future. It is nice to get that immediate response when you hit your target. Do we have more steel targets to use?
    Ridge Runner

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    Re: March 28th IDPA Pistol Match Stage Poll and Discussion

    Post  Ridge Runner on Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:31 pm

    I would like to get away from the “drill” type of stages/strings. I will be the first to say that I do not like the physical/athletic requirement(s) of moving over distances, running, squatting or stretching with my body. That said, physical requirements are a reality of the world for those of us who have decided to arm ourselves. Though it liked to have killed me and caused me to be slug slow, the best stage award from me goes to Stage #4. This COF caused several variations among the shooters in my group how they engaged this stage. I saw several ways of getting the gun out, loading, and packing up the magazines for the trip downrange. Target manipulation was also entertaining to watch; “one shot or two, maybe three….what did I just shoot?” It might have been a sequence shoot to some, I was fighting my way out of a building.

    Gun handling skills are my preference for the COFs that we shoot. Things that reinforce movement, cover utilization, changing position after firing, etc. The more reloads the better. I would like to see more short range reaction targets within two to seven yards under cover. This would include partial target(s) with indicators painted or represented on the target flat as to cause a “Shoot or No-Shoot” decision on the shooter. I am talking inducing more “stress” on the shooter. I would rather have three difficult targets at unknown ranges causing me to shift my shooting stance than to have nine targets requiring two shots each in “drill” fashion.

    I would recommend a more evil use of the dreaded white target. Like placing some No-Shoots behind the target instead of always canalizing the shoots in front of a target. Anything that can cause me to use multiple shoot angles or think of how I will move through the shoot scenario the more I like it. My point is I hate “drill” scenarios for time where you start shooting left to right, right to left, etc. Stage #1 in February had a many No Shoot targets. The problem was not those in front, but those in the back row. Changing position made me really slow, but it was a real test of skill not speed for me. Thanks for that one.

    How about more position shooting? IDPA shooters are more apt to take a knee than anything. One last year on Stage #5, we shot a left-to-right, right-to-left drill where a portion had to be shot prone with the added difficulty of shooting looking up. For those of us carrying around several happy meals, this stage hurt like the dickens; however, that stage was very “practical” to me because shooting from under a table is a possibilty.

    I think we are about to evolve at Kettlefoot as far as IDPA goes. I want to shoot something I can maintain and assess my practical skills with what I carry daily. IDPA is that format. I think Kettlefoot does a pretty good job of meeting my shooting needs.

    Well Done Everyone and thank you for March’s shoot!
    Mac, that was one heck of a Jeep ride!
    Brian Traynor

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    Re: March 28th IDPA Pistol Match Stage Poll and Discussion

    Post  Brian Traynor on Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:33 am

    1. My first rule of match stage selection and lay out is, don't give feedback unless you are willing or available to set up stages. I'm grateful their are people willing to do this for the club.

    But you asked.

    2. I agree that the old 1-1-2-1-1 is a bummer and should be avoided unless its only one part of a stage, followed by a bunch of other targets that are shot later in the same stage

    3. I also agree that standing flatfooted and shooting what are essentially classifier drills for several stages can be boring. I also think there is a need for these every now and then and that some of the classifier is in itself a pretty good idea. I think the classifier in IDPA is a pretty fair judge of IDPA oriented shooting skills.

    4. I like stages where you run around but I think they should have only a certain distance between target arrays where movement is required. Like 15 feet max. I dont want to turn the match into field courses where people in good physical shape beat a guy in not so good shape based on fitness and not on shooting. I have had my eyes beaten out many times by guys much older and/or bigger than me because they practiced shooting more than I had. This is as it should be. Movement is good as long as its 4-15 feet to this array, 4-15 feet to the next one, etc. I also think the drag the firefighter dummy stages I have seen limit the ability for people to do well based on their fitness or size. This stuff favors me personally but if I want to see how fast I can run, or how quick I can toss objects, I can do it at the gym.

    5. I would rather not have too many stages where the shooter picks his gun off the table, out of a basket, etc. One of these per match is plenty. Also the "grab your ammo and run away" stage is OK but maybe could be one per match every now and then. I know I should practice this, but I think I should practice my draw from a holster more.

    I think good matches are oriented around SHOOTING SKILLS with a couple (like one)scenario prop thrown in (a scenario prop is a basket, a glove box, pull this rope, drop the baby, etc). Avoid a bunch of scenario props set up interrupted by some shooting. I think you Can get thAt in another shooting Sport

    6. I think we should have a designated safe area with a sign up that says "safe area, no ammo allowed". I missed the last match maybe we have one now.

    Of all the matches I shoot in regularly I enjoy KRGC the most. I see more cooperation among the shooters and match staff than most ranges I visit. I have traveled to other clubs and run the timer, set up steel, paste targets, and keep score (in the same stage)because nobody from that gun club wanted to stand in the rain or help reset the stages. We also don't have any range Nazis. If i deserve a procedural, lay it on me. If its a new IDPA shooter give the guy a break and be polite. Nobody wants a lecture from a stranger, just warn them.

    I also think the stage design at KRGC has been very good and I appreciate the great job Mark, Jamie, Harvey,Carey,Walt, Rob, etc etc have done and taking their personal time to set it up. I also appreciate Bob for building props for stages, how cool is that? Too cool!

    one last thing. IDPA is a game. Its not training. If something has a score card its a game.

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    Re: March 28th IDPA Pistol Match Stage Poll and Discussion

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