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    How Do You Carry Concealed


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    How Do You Carry Concealed

    Post  JMann on Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:19 pm

    Last week my wife and I were moving our daughter to New Orleans. As I was driving a small moving van full of her stuff into an unfamiliar neighborhood in a city noted for issues I wanted to have support with me at all times. I put my H&K in the holster on my belt and a mag pouch on the other side and put on my knit shirt with the tail out. I was doing this because it is warmer there and I didn't want to wear a jacket while moving furniture and boxes. The bottom line is my attempt at concealment didn't work as the presence of the pistol and holster were obvious even riding high and covered with the shirt. I then switched to my PPK/s which concealed well and was comfortable.

    Finally to the question. What are your suggestions for warm weather concealment? I'm talking about shorts or slacks and knit or short sleeve shirts without jackets.

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    fat kid

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    different options

    Post  fat kid on Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:09 pm

    i carry a sig 225 in a blade-tech iwb holster. its really comfortable. I dont like leather iwb's because they make me sweat. also a good site to find holsters is this guy is sort of local. he comes to the meadowview convention center gun show. they have plenty of carry options on there. hope this might have given you some options.

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