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    Indoor Rimfire Rules 2018



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    Indoor Rimfire Rules 2018

    Post  Lynne on Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:10 am

    rev. 11/24/18

    Matches are scheduled every Thursday except Thanksgiving , Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Eve/Day and July 4th. We will not Shoot the week of the Triple Crown (May 21-May26)
    We will shoot Tue.. Nov 26 instead of Thanksgiving Day.

    Match start time: 5:30PM or before if a relay is ready

    Rifles Chambered 22 Long Rifle Only

    Events 1-8 will be shot at 100 Feet.

    Events 1-8, each participant will shoot two (2) matches before leaving assigned bench.

    Match A will be targets 1A-5A (Left Side)
    Match B will be targets 1B-5B (Right Side)

    Scoring will be best edge except for the X. To receive an X , NO PART of the X can remain.

    Each Side will be scored individually for a maximum score of 50 points and 5X per side. The exception to this rule will be Open Class with a Maximum of 50 points per side and no X's.

    Ties will be resolved by using the first miss on the opposite Target. For Example: Match A tie winner will be determined by targets 1B-5B./ In the event ties cannot be resolved in this manner the match will revert to the targets 1A-5A. (First Miss, X's included. If the Match still cannot be resolved the match purse will be divided evenly between the winners. Total scores will not be used to resolve ties.

    A shooter should notify the scorer as soon as possible of any obvious scoring or math errors. These will be corrected immediately. A shooter may protest the scoring of his or any other shooter's target. After accepting a $1.00 protest fee (per bull) the scorer will appoint 3 non-involved shooters to referee the protest. The majority decision of the referees will be the final decision. If the decision is in favor of the protester then the $1.00 fee will be returned to the protester. Results are final 15 Minutes after the posting of winners and no protests are allowed after the results are final.


    Classes are:
    1: Open Sights
    2: Open Unlimited
    3: Plinker
    4: Sporter
    5: Target
    6: Target Unlimited
    7: Unlimited
    8: Unlimited Plus

    Shooting Fees are:

    Adults: $5.00 per class
    Under Age 18: $3.00 per class

    Fees will be dispersed as follows: $2.00 per Class $1.00 to each Match Winner. The Remainder to Kettlefoot to defray expenses. Junior participants are not included and cannot win money unless paying adult fees.

    Bolts must be removed from rifles at all times. If the Bolt cannot be removed, actions must be open and a safety flag inserted in the chamber. Bolts cannot be inserted or flags removed until participant is seated at the bench and the Rangemaster calls “Insert Bolts / Remove Flags”. Bolts must be removed and Flags re-inserted before leaving bench.

    A Time Limit of (10) Minutes is allotted for practice and score for each Target in all classes.

    Time Will be monitored by the Rangemaster: Time remaining will be announced at 5 Minutes, 2 minutes and one minute.

    If all participants have completed firing before the 10 minute limit has elapsed, the rangemaster may call a cease fire.

    Participants are to remain seated at assigned benches until the Rangemaster calls Cease Fire and the Firing Line has been made Safe.

    Ammunition will be furnished by Kettlefoot for all classes except the Target Unlimited, Unlimited and the Unlimited Plus Classes. These 3 Classes will furnish their own ammunition.

    Participants will be issued 15 rounds per class, 5 for Practice and 10 for Score. Un-used rounds must be returned to the rangemaster.

    Any Target except Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and Target Unlimited containing more than 15 bullet holes will be disqualified. There is no limit on the number of practice rounds for Target Unlimited, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus.

    Any single scoring Bull with more than 1 bullet hole will receive a score of Zero. The Only Exception is Open Class Targets that have only 2 bulls.


    Sporter Type Rifles Only

    Barrel diameter at the muzzle cannot exceed 0.650 inches

    Rifle must have a working safety.

    Stock, Action, trigger assembly and barrel must be original factory catalogued rifle

    Sights: Open V (vee) or “Buckhorn” shaped. No peep sights are allowed. Rifles with see through Mounts are allowed, but the Rangemaster will insure the Scope caps are in place or the Scope is taped to block use of the scope at any time during the match.

    Rifle must be fired from filled cloth or leather bags, front and rear. No mechanical rests allowed.

    Value of rifle cannot exceed $500.00. Value to be determined from “The Blue Book Book of Gun Values” 38th edition.


    Any Factory or custom built rifle.

    Sights: Any Open or Peep steel sights. No scopes of any type.

    Any type rest may be used. Rifle may not be attached to the rest unless detachable bipods are used.


    Sporter type rifles only, No target, silhouette or custom rifles allowed.

    Barrel diameter at the muzzle cannot exceed 0.650 inches.

    Rifle must have a working safety.

    Stock, Action and Barrel must be original factory manufactured rifle. Barrel may be floated, action bedded and trigger pull lightened, but trigger must be original.

    Scope: Ten (10) power maximum. Variable scopes must be adjusted to no more than 10 power and sealed and verified by the rangemaster. Use of greater than 10 power will result in immediate disqualification.

    Rifle must be fired from filled cloth or leather bags front and rear. No mechanical rests allowed.

    Value of Rifle cannot exceed $500.00. Value to be determined by “The Blue Book of Gun Values” 38th edition.


    All Rules are the same as Plinker Class except:

    Barrel diameter at the muzzle must not exceed 0.750 inches

    Scope Power....No limitations

    Mechanical Rest with sand bag in front or bi-pods and sand bags at rear are allowed.

    No limitations on rifle value


    All Rules the same as Sporter Class except:

    All rifles must be factory Manufactured rifles.

    Action barrel and stock must be factory original or OEM replacement.

    Barrel Diameter : No limitations

    Scope Power: No Limitations

    Rifle must be fired from filled cloth or leather bags at rear, mechanical are allowed on front including detachable Bi-pods/Stock plates.

    No external devices such as barrel tuners allowed.


    Rules are the same as Target Class except:

    Rifle may be fired from any filled bag, mechanical non-attached or detachable stock plate/bi-pod rest.

    Participant will furnish their own ammunition.

    Types of rifle to be found in this class include, but are not limited to: Remington 40X.
    Winchester 52 , Remington 37 and others.


    Rules are the same as Target Unlimited Class except.

    Rifle can be any factory or custom built rifle.


    Rules are the same as Unlimited class. Except ONLY shooters who have competed in Target Unlimited and/or Unlimited are allowed to shoot in this class. Shooters are allowed one entry for each entry in Target Unlimited and/or Unlimited Class. Payback is 100% of the match fees for each relay.

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