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    USPSA Pistol Match



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    USPSA Pistol Match

    Post  Lynne on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:42 am

    ****MAY USPSA PISTOL MATCH – 3rd Saturday - MAY 18th ********

    Kettlefoot will be offering a USPSA Pistol match on May 18th and this allows another opportunity for everyone to enjoy pistol sports. The match will use the same bays and equipment as IDPA.
    New shooters are welcome and we will have a new shooter orientation.


    6 Stages – USPSA allows a maximum of 32 rounds per stage.
    For our 1st match, the round counts will be around 24 per stage.
    The stages will be very FUN !
    New shooters orientation 9:00am

    Shooters Briefing 9:30am. Squads start around 10am.

    Equipment: (Note: IDPA Equipment will work for USPSA, at least one extra magazine is recommended)
    Pistol 9mm or greater. Holster, 4 or more magazines
    About 125 rounds will be needed for the morning match, bring some extra.

    Entry fees are the same as IDPA matches.
    1st Gun: $15 for club members and $20 non-members
    2nd Gun: $5 for everyone

    The stage RO’s will explain the rules and scoring to everyone at the match. For those who have been to IDPA matches, this match will be very similar but does have a different target scores. If you would like to read more visit

    If you have any questions about getting started in USPSA or about attending this match you can call our volunteers who would be very happy to help you with plans to attend this match.

    Jeff Pierson – 423-323-3650
    Eric Wilson – 423-782-7395
    Jason Pratt – 423-967-1063

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